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At Meesho, I was tasked with creating a brand identity for tech branding. As an e-commerce company targeting Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, the challenge was creating a guideline that resembled the original essence but still had the modern tech environment vibe. To accomplish this goal, I utilized my technical knowledge and creative expertise to create a unified and versatile design system comprised of a colour palette, typography, and visual elements. We established a visually appealing and easy-to-implement brand identity using cutting-edge design approaches and online asset libraries. Furthermore, by creating a clear brand guideline, We ensured that the new identity could be efficiently used by designers at all levels, easing the design process and boosting overall efficiency and consistency.


Based on the size of the logo and the surrounding elements, I determined the minimum clear space required, to guarantee the logo’s legibility and visual distinction. I ensured that the logo was always displayed correctly and didn’t get lost in other design elements by implementing these requirements.




Across the company, different teams used logos with varying hues. To address this concern, we opted to standardise the already existing HEX F43397 as the logo’s primary colour. This particular shade of pink was chosen because it provided the best contrast range when compared to other colours of pink that had previously been employed. To guarantee that the logo was legible and visually consistent across all teams, we designed a background contrast guide that defined the minimum contrast ratio required between the logo and the background colour. This guaranteed that the logo remained legible despite the background colour used in various marketing materials or web pages.


A properly developed colour palette helps in summarising a product at just a glance. We used a high range colour palette to create sophisticated technical aesthetics admired by the most technically sound audience. All of the hues in this palette are available in a variety of values ranging from 0 to 100 black. This wide range of hues with a broad variety of values allows for seamless creativity and enables us to create a great visual hierarchy while designing creatives.


To facilitate design consistency and ease the process of team collaboration for the company I was tasked to create a set of design guidelines. The guidelines included a set of visual and functional principles to ensure that all designs followed a consistent brand identity. The teams were able to build designs that were consistent and recognisable across several channels, such as social media, email marketing, and websites, by adhering to the requirements. This improved design consistency aided in the development of both consumer and stakeholder awareness and familiarity with the brand. The guidelines also made it simple for new designers to join the team and rapidly come up to speed, reducing the learning curve and streamlining the creative process.


I created a set of visual elements and also used LuxorBlender’s character asset pack to ensure consistency across teams and eliminate redundancy while developing creatives. This slashed design creation by half and streamlined the design process for designers of all skillset. Furthermore, the design quality dramatically improved, resulting in a more integrated brand identity.


Ved is a very skilled designer with a holistic vision for aesthetics. This came in handy while working together in Meesho’s Talent Branding team. He developed a design guideline for the whole company that is easily accessible to designers of all cailbres. He is open to feedback, a great collaborator, and adept at creating designs for different cohorts. While at Meesho, Ved was the designer of choice for all leaders’ presentations and established himself as reliable, sound, and consistent. He will be a great asset to any design team that is open to experimentation which having it’s eye focused on the big pictures.

 Mangala Dilip, Employer Branding Manager Meesho

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