Interactive Education App

Code Kotlin is an interactive, hands-on educational app that helps people learn the Kotlin programming language on their android mobile phones. I made this app when I was pursuing Bachelor’s in computer engineering and realised that many people who can not afford to have a laptop are unable to learn to code.

So I decided to make an android app that features an inbuilt compiler that will enable seamless code execution in a mobile device. Furthermore, Code Kotlin provides a beginner guide to start programming in Kotlin and gives a brief theoretical description of various Object-oriented programming concepts like class, object, function etc.

The app has a simple and easy to navigate user interface that I designed and developed.

The foremost challenge with this product was to design a layout that can fit example code, the user input code and the output screen in a small handheld display. I overcame this problem by having two segregation wherein the first section displayed the example, and the second part took the input and presented the output after compilation.

The app was well-received by the audience as it provided them with a hassle-free interactive learning experience. In a time where most of the similar apps were either overly complicated to use or visually blant, the easy to navigate UI and the visually appealing colour scheme proved to be the greatest driving force behind the early success of the app.

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