Arcade shooter

I had the idea of developing an arcade shooter game on android for some time. So, I took the first step and started learning unity3d and c#. It was not an easy task to learn game development on my own with no guidance. But, after many hours of practice, I was able to create a simple game prototype on android using unity3d and c# called Oblivion space.

Oblivion Shooter is an arcade shooter that can be played on Android, iOS and Windows phones.

It is a cross-platform game with a retro arcade feel and gameplay inspired by Galga (a famous Japanese Arcade Shooter). The controls are simple enough for any player to pick up without difficulty. All you need to do is tap the screen to fire your weapon. I kept the design minimal as I wanted to achieve a modernised retro look inspired by old games from the Nintendo NES era.

The challenge in the project was to correctly take input from the motion sensors and process it efficiently so that the game does not lag and the user can have a good gaming experience. Moreover, people have an instinct to avoid being hit by projectiles from an outside source. In this arcade shooter, the player’s character is constantly being fired on by enemies from the environment. Therefore it becomes intuitive for the user to use the mobile’s sensors to avoid obstacles and projectiles that are being fired at them

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