Top Down Shooter RPG

Toy zombie is a top-down shooter made using unity3d and c#. The game is a universal windows platform application that allows it to run on all devices that support Windows 8 or up, as a result, I was able to carter to desktop, mobile as well as consoles of current and last generation.

The game features three different stages with multiple waves of enemies that the player has to survive by shooting through them. The development part was quite challenging as I had to design, model, and code almost all the assets, therefore to save development and design efforts, I used a measure twice cut once policy while framing out the production pipeline.

This workflow helped me target specific areas of the game that needed special attention and also enlightened me about places where I could reuse the game assets.

The project took about nine weeks to complete, using unity allowed me to develop a game with minimum system requirements and helped me optimise the game for multiple devices. Moreover, the release of the universal windows platform feature from Microsoft allowed me to target multiple devices at once that too without any extra coding and optimisation workload

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