Guitar Tuner App

TuneIn tuner is a lightweight ad-free guitar tuner for Android mobile phones. Most of the guitar tuner apps in the market are bloated with useless features.

Moreover, the ad display frequency makes them highly unusable, therefore, I wanted to create a hassle-free, lightweight and ad-free guitar tuner. The main technical hurdle for the app was to input the audio and process it to match that string that the user is tuning.

I used multiple open-source plugins that would take in audio input from the mic and process it to match the required frequency of the string that is being tuned. The final result that I obtained with this app was drastically better than most of the major apps in the market, the foremost reason for this was TuneIn was free from junk features that slowed down the real-time processing speed of the app.

The app was well-received by the audience. The app has about 15,000 plus downloads and 5,000 plus active users. The foremost reason for this can be attributed to the well-evaluated user needs that the app catered to and the easy to use interface I designed on top of the open-sourced plugins.

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